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One friend out of two missing you, it is too much!
Join us: this is not a question of hatred, but of revolt: a legitimate, constructive and a revolt especially interdependent with those who (more than 1000 per working days in France, 4000 in USA...) have nobody to represent them and who could be your age in 15 years, 20 years...

The revolt:
In "The Brothers Karamazov" of Dostoïevski, Aliocha and his brother, Ivan Karamazov, live a impassioned discussion on the suffering, and in particular on that of the children, useless and scandalous. To justify his revolt, Ivan is asking to Aliocha the crucial question:
«- Revolt? I would not have liked to see you using this word. Is it possible to live revolted? However I want to live. Answer me frankly. Imagine that the destinies of humanity are in your hands, and that, in order to definitively make people happy, to finally get peace and rest to them, it is essential to torture only this being, a child who struck its chest with his small fists, and to base on its tears the future happiness. Would you agree under these conditions to build such a happiness? Answer without lying.
- No, I would not agree»

Join us. Take your place in this world, it will be righter, and tomorrow there will be no children'sacrifice anymore -- children unable to defend themselves -- practiced by their parents, through a deadly choice intending to make them happier.
Join us -- it is not yet politically correct to be against abortion, but it is realistic and
avant-garde because this society cannot endure any more accepting the sacrifice of 50% of its youth...

CAUTION: of course, in your school, your college, some will tell you tons of things on us... without knowing us! If they really want to know why we demand a different world, they have to invite us to discuss with your class... if not they are wrong...

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