Fact #2:

Seemingly our brothers and sisters were killed because they represented a threat for their parents, surplus mouthes to be fed, a pollution! Their absence is a threat today, for example the paying of the retirement pensions will soon be impossible (2005-2006)!

Seemingly abortion would be justified by the freedom of the woman! Our freedom to come in the world is forgotten, and instead of freedom, the adults are living the remorse and a still worse situation !

They got rid of us to continue their jobs, and it created unemployment!

Some of our brothers and sisters were eliminated because they were suspected to be abnormal! However the society makes pretence of respecting the handicapped people! In fact they only mind money.

No PRETEXT they used to kill us could stand firm. It seems everyone has been manipulated to cause that grand misfortune! It is fully CRAZY.

Why we open ou mouth?