What is Actually Abortion

Abortion is not a concept, neither an idea, nor a mere abstraction.
It is sheer BUTCHERY. Here are illustrations:
before abortion, and after abortion:

This young human being is in its seventh week after conception (43 to 46 days) its length is between 14 to 17 mm.
Its heart beats since the 17th day.

Photograph: Lennart Nilsson 1990, in A Child is Born, Delacorte Press / Seymour Lawrence,
ISBN 0-385-30237-1 (p.84)

Young Human Being (7 weeks old)
This child was aborted by the Karman method, with a suction vacuum cleaner machine.

Photograph: Beam Publishing Co.

Aborted at 10 weeks

On the WEB, there are many other photographs of children killed by abortion, but, we don't want to indulge in morbidity.
If you want to see others photos, you only have to use a search site and you will find tons of them (see http://www.cbrinfo.org/Resources/pictures.html).
And also, if you explore the dustbins at your local hospital...

The last photograph is really disgusting!
But it would be still worse not to show it:
it shows what everyone hides:
in this BUTCHERY finishes a quarter of our generation (plus another quarter through "contraceptive" poisonning).

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