Who is imposing his Morality on others?

Any law system, democratic or not, by definition, imposes its morality to the citizens. If a robber robs, the law provides repression, and it is the interest of all. Without law, the law of the strongest prevails.
But if an abortionist kills a child, the State rewards and protects him particularly: thus,
the child is imposed the morality of the killer, it is a victim! We, Survivors, do not like it; we think the law does not have to protect the killers, but it must protect the victims, if it does not, it is a Maffia law.
If YOU agree with the morality of the killers, imposed to us today, you do not understand your real interest: someday, you will be the victim -- and a willing one if you support them!
Indeed, today it is "lawful" to kill a child before birth; inevitably, there will be other victims: handicapped people, old people, delinquents, unemployed people, bed wetters, etc...
There are already no limits...

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