Who are the Abortion Promoters?

Throughout history, the abortion promoters have always been the more corrupted people: during the XXth century: LENIN and HITLER. Lenin, who also provoked the killing of other millions people, legalized abortion in USSR in 1921 to force the women to work like slaves in the State factories. Hitler, legalized abortion for the handicapped people, the Jews and the Slavs, i.e. for those he labelled "lower quality".
Some answer to us: "it is ancient history". In fact, it is not, because those who legalized
again abortion during the 60's and 70's in our countries, are the heirs of Lenin and Hitler: Communists and Eugenicists, skillfully disguised behind a subtle propaganda, cooler and more modern.
Example 1: Planned Parenthood or "Family planning associations", grouped at the international level in the IPPF: in 1977, the IPPF is a member of the British EUGENICS SOCIETY. Do you believe in Chance? We don't.
Example 2: Margaret SANGER, a well known eugenics propagandist, founder of Planned Parenthood, aimed all her life long to install "birth control" for the people she considered inferior. This "brave" woman gave tons of money to PINCUS for testing the famous "contraceptive" pill (in fact an abortive product) on the poor women of Puerto-Rico. Coincidence? Are you kidding!
Example 3: Since 1973, the Communists openly support the abortion policy in France and elsewhere. They each time voted for it. They even have a "mass organization", the UFF (Union of French Women), which make a pretence of being feminist and is participating to the radical group CADAC, in order to still increase the figures of abortions! One of their last objectives: to outlaw the anonymous childbirth, for pushing the girls to the only remaining solution: abortion.
Example 4: Since 1978, the Communists in China impose the "single child policy". It means that if you have not the licence to have a child and that you are pregnant, they abort you by force. If you succeed in hiding yourself, they kill the baby at birth. If you succeed in hiding the baby, they won't give him papers and they will steal all your property, to starve you.
And these "brave" Communists speak to you with tears in the eyes about the "wimens'freedom"!
During that time the Chinese willing to resist this hell have the only option to become boat-people...

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