"One out of two shall not live..."

If you accept the killing, you are really dead.

Caro - 17 years - will be a designer. Likes the Jungle
Jonathan - would be 16 years old - would be in love or a basketball player... He died 16 years and half ago...
Djemila - 18 years - would like to perform drama
Florian - 20 years - fond of skying
Stéphanie - 21 years - seeks a job of saleswoman
Kevin -14 years - adores the comics and the music
Muriel - would be just 19 years old - would be coed - She died 19 years and 7 months ago...
Alex - 17 years - is interested in the environment

If Muriel, Jonathan, and all the others of your generation did count for nothing, so...
Muriel or Jonathan in 78, ou 81...
... are not here today.
Here you were, 10 weeks old...
Insert your photograph here. If you want...
Muriel or Jonathan in 78, or 81...
... are not here today.
Here you were, 10 weeks old...
You, if you are here today.

... why do you believe YOU should matter today?

If you are alive today, you were luckier than Muriel or Jonathan...
But since 1967 and 1975 the law permits that this luck be not given. And thus, according to a law, it was not given to Jonathan, to Muriel...

Now, for the decidors of this delirium, your generation is NOTHING.

As for Muriel and Jonathan in 1978, in 1981, they wrongfully decide on your destiny in your place:
«You don't have a job? - Take the welfare money and shut-up!»
«Have you a child in the womb? - Get rid of it, we wont help you!»
«You feel down? - Take some shit or coke, that will be finer!»
«You are cracking, your future is collapsing? - Try suicide!»

(40 000 suicides attempts per year at an age less than 25)

HOWEVER, it sometimes happens to you to fight against laws endangering your future (ex: against slave-jobs, the fake training courses...)

But those unborn,
do you believe that they can go down in the street to defend their right to live?
However they are your brothers, your sisters, your father's children, your mother's children.
And this is the only reason they are unwanted?
If you accept it, you are really dead.

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