The Survivors

Violence is performed by those eliminating our brothers and sisters. They torn them into pieces or poison them. Their accomplices support them, pay them, supply the poison (cf: RU 486 whose licence " was given " by HOECHST-MARION-ROUSSEL to the Chinese tyrants and to the eugenist group "Population Council").

We do not want to follow their shameful example through responding on this same field of violence; Justice will eventually catch up with them.

Non-violence is an effective tactic which has nothing to do with passivity. In particular it is useful to denounce the attackers, to make them visible for all and to confront them with their own acts.
We do not seek a revenge; we want them to stop their violence to help us, like Bernard Nathanson -- a former abortionist -- did.

Paris, boulevard St German, " Clinique de l'Odéon " August 22, 1997

Who are we?