The Survivors are

We are independent of ALL the political parties. The defense of our generation is a question of civil rights. The politicians abused their power in eliminating our brothers and sisters (they were of no interest for them since without the right to vote!).
They push people into difficulties and incite them to kill their children under various pretexts.
Of course, we need a political solution, but the first need is a change of mentality: our brothers and sisters were not burdens, they were like us, we miss them, their parents too who made the wrong choice.
France pretends to love the youth; we observe it is untrue.

Survivors of the World, unite, join us.

NOTA : we are independent of any political party and we have a specific detestation for those inspired by marxism (communists, fascists, etc...) because they usually transform the territories they steal into cemeteries, especially through attacking the children (cf. Communist China).

Who are we?