Communist China:
Today's 4th Reich

From October 22 to 26, 1999, French president Chirac housed Jiang Zeming, the bloody handed Chinese führer. The Survivors unwelcomed him and joined to the protesting against the genocides he is guilty of.
While denying it, the totalitarian Chinese regime is performing a eugenics policy:
L'état chinois massacre les orphelins rescapés de sa politique d'avortements forcés. Une équipe de la BBC a enquêté...

Forced abortions,

Killing of the orphans,

Euthanasia of the seniors,

Killing of the handicapped,

Genocide of the "undesirable" peoples (Tibetans...)

Death sentences in order to get "spare parts".

The Chinese government told it wanted "good quality births".
It is helped in this task by the international organizations like UNO and USAID, which finance their forced abortions policy.

So, the Chinese government has some accomplices benefiting its crimes :
Clinton and its European flunkeys, greedy at the low prices products made by the slaves of the "laogai", the Chinese concentration camps system.
To ease its business, Clinton gave Communist China the MFN status (most favored nation), while pretending to be a "human rights" defender.

Chinese Communists claim that China heading toward famine through overpopulation: this is a hoax because, like anywhere else the real trigger of famine and misery is communist integrism, and a country is prosperous only through its -- free -- population.
Among the supporters of the Chinese crimes: the so-called feminist NOW and all kinds of revolutionary radicals befriending communism.

What you can simply do:
Boycott the products "made in P.R.C.",
(i.e. "Prisoner Ransomed by the Communists")

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