Clinton, Kouchner, Aubry, Royal et al.:
hypocrisy and violence
January 27, 2000
Officers of the French State introduced violence into the schools, especially through the distribution of their abortive pill. They afterwards build school anti-violence plans and want to teach ethics to the pupils: ethics of the brutes? It is ridiculous and hypocritical!
January 11, 2000
The big state propaganda campaign began (FRF20 billions) in France. TVs and radios are beginning to spread their manipulations in order to sell their so called "emergency contraception" which is really an abortive pill. They insist to hide the very nature of that drug. It stinks!
December 28, 1999
Holy Innocents day: hurricanes hit the countries imitators of Herod. Regular.
Novembre 28, 1999
The so-called "morning after pill", presented as an "emergency contraception" by its marketers, is actually an abortive pill. The French State (through Ségolène Royal) began with the help of the media a big lying campaign aiming at hiding its abortive character, in order to "help the poor". They have decided to distribute their poison through the school nurses: this is an eugenics take over to force the poor to abort.
This man is bound to abortion and other kinds of violence. Unfortunately, he is the president of the USA...
"No question that an admission of making false statements to government officials and interfering with the FBI is an impeachable offense." "I think it is plain that the president should resign and spare the country the agony of impeachment and removal proceedings", said Bill Clinton in 1974 about President Nixon and the Watergate scandal.
October 5, 1999
In France, the legislative debate on the 35 hours is beginning. Contrary to the State propaganda, this new rule will generate unemployement, mainly among the young abortion Survivors. Besides, the minister pushing that stupid ruling is also the one trying to extend the extermination of our brothers and sisters through abortion: again infamous Martine Aubry.
September 19, 1999
After the destructions of the hurricane Floyd in then East coast of the USA, some journalists are alleging a global Earth warming (this is the latest fashionable fable among the cranks). It would be better to talk about the wrath of God, due to the massive slaughter of our brothers and sisters, through abortion and poisoning.
August 1999
As Clinton gave a civic lesson to the American youth ("do what I teach you, not what I do") about violence, Turkey was victim of an earthquake. As it is an abortist nation, Clinton sent some relief, surrounded with much advertisement.
France: July 1999
Le French government asked for a resume of the agenda of the witches of planned parenthood: it is the Nisand report. This report is for Martine Aubry, head of the Health department, a pretext to still extend the slaughter of our brothers and sisters (see speech). Aubry tells she refuses any dialog with the pro-life people she is trying to slander. In reality, WE see no advantage in dialoging with the ennemies of human life.
July 15, 1999
Kouchner, the French former Health minister, arrives in Kosovo to reign, nominated by UNO. This ex-maoist, admiror of mamy Gaia (Simone Veil), has just authorized in France an open distribution of an abortive cocktail under the name of "morning after pill" (Tetragynon, Preven...). This is a crime: a massive poisonning of our brothers and sisters. Kouchner joins Kosovo where his accomplices from UNFPA have already distributed the same poison to the refugees. Conclusion: his role will be to get a more poisonned situation!
May 19, 1999
Bombing of a hospital in Belgrad, Yugoslavia by the NATO's army. When shall this killers'hypocrisy end? This American agression does not aim at protecting anybody; its final objective is to glorify the alllmighty Clinton.
April 21, 1999
After serial murders inside of a college in the state of Colorado, Clinton ant the Gory Gore tell the youth not to be violent: the fact is they are showing them the example since they are in a place of power.
April 13, 1999
Clinton and its puppets (NATO, UNO, UNFPA) are showing their willingness to exterminate the Albanese refugees: they push the so-called "morning after pill" on the Kosovar women in order to abort them. This pill is especially aiming at killing babies, but sometimes kills the mother. The Vatican rightly protested, despite the mockery of the flunkeys of Clinton.
March-April-May 1999
Despite the Law, like Hitler ans Stalin with Poland in the past, Clinton has decided to violently attack Serbia with raw power. This way he aggravated the situation of the Albanese population he pretends helping. He even bombs them, explaining that this kind of tragic incidents is unavoidable.
February 12, 1999
Clinton is acquitted through the lack of a 2/3 majority to impeach him. His corruption is now known by everybody and is left unpunished: the USA lose their prestige: the world policeman is a criminal!
February 11, 1999
With the verdict approaching, Clinton bombs Irak anew.
January 26, 1999
The Senate decides to obtain new testimonies from Monica Lewinsky and from two friends of Clinton. The press thinks Clinton will be acquitted through 44 Senators (for a total of 100) defended that issue.
January 18, 1999
During the impeachment trial, Clinton is accused through a 130 pages document, depicting him as an arrogant and corrupt leader. Twice before that day, an ally of Clinton, the "porn king" Larry Flynt unveiled sexual affairs involving Republican representants opposed to Clinton in his trial.
January 7, 1999
The impeachment trial began in the Senate. They have chosen the full procedure with witnesses.
January 4, 1999
Clinton is likely to be the father of a hidden son. An inquiry shall confirm it, may be. For one surviving son, how many did he abort?
Dec. 24, 1998
The impeachment trial will take place in the Senate on Jan. 6, 1999. All the accomplices of Clinton strongly wish a simple blame.
Dec.16, 1998
In order to postpone the imminent impeachment procedure, Clinton viciously attacks Irak. He adds to the millions victims whose murder he is accomplice (abortion in the USA) some other thousands innocent civilian Irak people.
Dec.13, 1998
The congressional commission adopted the articles for the impeachment of M. Clinton and its president, M. Hyde, asked him to resign. Clinton is continuing to act a diversion in Jerusalem...
Nov.15, 1998
One more time, Clinton has threatened Irak, under the pretext that the UNO inspectors could not do their inspections. These dramatics event could be seen as a smokescreen designed to defuse the scandal of the purchase of the silence of Paula Jones ($850,000).
Nov. 3, 1998
The press describes the Republican victory in the last election as a comforter for Clinton: the Democrats won some seats!
Oct. 21, 1888
Clinton is playing the great Pacificator at Wye Plantation, after having bombed in Soudan and Afghanistan. Diversion?
Oct. 7, 1998 :
This week, the Congress began the inquiry...
Sept. 21, 1998 :
The USA president, Bill Clinton, during his pre-recorded testimony in front of the Grand Jury, in one of his many affairs, the Lewinsky affair.

We, Survivors, do not like president Clinton. Why ?
His first décision as a president was to favor abortion, while pretending to make it rare : he forced the military hospitals to perform abortions, he made all he could to introduce in the USA the anti-children poison (RU486).

Today Clinton is caught by all his dirty affairs (Whitewater, filegate, Chinagate, Jones, Lewinski, etc...) again. The Lewinski affair is only the first one.
We strongly desire Clinton resigning, or being impeached, because he is an enemy of the children, our brothers and sisters.

The hypocrites at full speed: since the beginning of this affair, the majority of the press is supporting Clinton through downsizing his affair as only a sex affair, though victimizing him and despising the judicial system (that they participated to build for Nixon). Even Jack Lang, ex French Kultur department head, who formerly supported the pornography lobby, is now circulating a weeping petition!

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