The Survivors are
non confessional:

We are not dependent on a church or a clergy. We are coming from varied horizons but we share the following convictions:

a human being has a very high value, beyond its apparent utility,

nobody has the right to kill an innocent human being,

the child exists from fertilization (meeting between ovum and sperm) because from that time it has its complete genetic identity which will not change any more until its death (this last conviction is of a scientific nature).

On the other hand some sectarian groups (often of communist or related religion) want to impose to us some supertition contrary with reality; they are thus expressing a huge religious bigotry! They even deny the humanity to the human embryos, in exactly the same way the Nazis denied the Jews and Slavs their humanity. They would prefer us aborted.
They are not lucky, they failed to kill us, we are alive and we want to stop the massacre of our brothers and sisters.

Who are we?