The Deceitful Goods

Deceitful goods... the Pill is not what you have been told by the establishment
Today, the French government is pretending to decrease the figure of abortions through promoting "contraception", with TV spots and radio commercials. The government is lying; even in the classroom handbooks, it tells the chemical contraception hinders ovulation and avoids fertilization: so no human being would be conceived and no abortion would be involved. This is one more disinformation:
1) hormonal "contraception" is abortive ! And mainly the new drugs falsely called "minipills" and "emergency contraception".
2) women's health is seriously endangered by these high doses of synthetic steroids.

The pill kills babies
Actually, chemical contraception has always had an abortive effect (besides the 100% abortive IUD), it kills babies, but this fact has been hidden to you. This is true whatever the kind of pill. Here are the 3 main action modes:
The anti-ovulation effect: the ovulation is often inhibited, but it is not always so. Depending on the kind of pill, a breakthrough-ovulation occurs in 2 to 60% of the cycles. This way, fertilization remains possible, the best evidence thereof is the "failure rate" of the pill: 3% of the women taking the pill become pregnant each year!
The thickening of the cervical mucus: disturbs the trip of the spermatozoas; the efficiency of this barrier is low, around 25%.
The alteration of the lining of the womb: regularly, the endometrium is proliferative in order to accept and sustain a conceived child, through providing it with oxygen and glucose. The hormonal "contraceptives" hinder a regular development of the endometrium throughout the cycle, and it becomes inhospitable to the child who may be conceived through the failure of the two first effects; this effect is thus abortive.
None of these mechanisms is reliable at 100%. They vary depending of the persons, of the food they eat, the sicknesses and cures they undergo. Consequently a woman using the pill, even not being 100% abortive, performs unknowingly chemical abortions!

* Le Figaro Jan. 8, 1999 : "the mortality rate, through brain attack, accident or suicide are clearly increased with this contraception. (...) we observe under the pill a growth of the cancers of the liver (126 with users vs 34 with others), of the cancer of the lung (107 in the first group, 71 in the other one) and of the cancer of the cervix (115 in the first group and 57 in the other one) (...) the risk of lung cancer is multiplied by two and and the risk for cervix cancer by four for the women having used the pill during more than 10 years."
The pill kills women
The secondary effects of these hormonal products are important. Many cancers (cervix, breast) are promoted or caused by these «contraceptive» pills. There are also heavy heart related accidents, and we lack space to discuss glucose intolerance, blindness, dumbness, liver toxicity... A recent study on 46000 women during 26 years* demonstrate a greater death rate through cardio-vascular sicknesses or through cancer in the pills users. These secondary effects are generally minimized by the ones making money with these products.
But, the environmentalists are denouncing the use of estrogen disruptors in plastic, paints, pesticides and "contraceptives". They provoke an atrophy of the male sexual organs and the generation of feminine hormones in some male animals. Even the decreasing of the male fertility rate of men would originate here! And the doses found in nature are much lower than the dose imposed to a woman taking the pill!
The industrial pollution is accused, although the cancers of the cervix grew 50% during the period the hormonal "contraception" was introduced in the West: in the Eastern European countries and in Japan where it was not introduced, their rates of these cancers are much lower than in our West, even if they have a much bigger industrial pollution!
One more time, the truth was concealed!

How to act?
If you wish to participate in our campaign aiming at stopping the deception of the population about the true nature of these "goods", or if you simply wish to know more about it, click here to drop us a message .

© T.D.D. 1999, reproduced under authorization

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