What is Contraception

Some people think that abortion could be avoided through a better information on contraception. In fact this is untrue and experience proves the contrary:


THE CONTRACEPTIVE MENTALITY: the propagandists of contraception "forget" to tell you that no method is 100% reliable (for example condom has a failure rate of 15%!). Thus their customers have the illusion to control the situation and to be able to have sex with anybody without problem... until the day a pregnancy occurs! It is then an enormous surprise which very often finishes through an abortion, then considered as the "spare wheel" of the pill.
FACTS: the American reality proves that the more they distribute contraceptives to the young people, the more there are abortions, and this is constant since 1973. Those promoting contraception are in fact the same ones who get money performing abortions (PPFA). It is like the dealer who gives free "shit" to be able to sell coke tomorrow... They even found how to involve the governments, since they are even infiltrating the schools to sell an (expensive) "sex education" aiming at growing the sales of their pills and abortions.
CONTRACEPTION IS ABORTIVE: all hormonal "contraceptive" pills or devices have an abortive effect, but their manufacturers mislead their clients on the real nature of what they sell! So the IUD is ABORTIVE : its role is to make the uterus inhospitable to the conceived child, who thus desiccates and dies. The "pill" has an anti-nidation effect and is thus ABORTIVE, beside its first anti-ovulation and anti-spermatozoa effects (by thickening the mucus), it makes the uterus inhospitable to the conceived child when the first 2 effects fail, which is frequent. Other so-called contraceptive drugs are also ABORTIVE: NORPLANT, DEPO-PROVERA, the anti-HCG "vaccine", RU486, Tetragynon, Preven, the prostaglandins, etc...
So they replace the vacuum cleaner tearing apart by poisoning. What a progress!

Conclusion: The groups still repeating that contraception prevents abortions, whereas this is blatantly false, are criminal organizations, whose interest is to get money at the expense of the young people. Among them, you find thethe witches of Banned Parenthoodof planned barrenhood...

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