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TOULOUSE end of April 1999:
Présent, April 27, 1999
PRO LIFE. On Friday, the day before the World Day for life -- Saturday --, a group of 200 young «survivors to legalized abortion», protested in front of the La Grave hospital in Toulouse. The demonstrators, all born after 1975, the year the French abortion law was imposed, wished to «show their joy to be living and surviving that law».

In "L'Évènement du jeudi" (France) of February 4 to 10, 1999, there is a fantasmatic prose about the Survivors, prose of course aiming at assimilating us to fascists :
"More original and also more disquieting: the strategy, the slogans and the mood of the recent protests against the PACS [a French kind of homosexual marriage act NDLR] are very close to the kind of actions of another «prolife» youth group without restraint: the «survivors». It was thus not surprising to hear the famous song «I Will Survive», the hymn of the World Cup and of the Gay and Lesbian Pride, at their meeting. Recently arrived on the media scene, this stange movement, officially independant, is actually a product of "la Trêve de Dieu" of Claire Fontana. Still now, it is led by a militant of "la Trêve", the very charismatic Noëlia Garcia (this young model who made a hysteric appearing on TV during a program on abortion with Tina Kieffer). The «survivors» name themselves so to underline that, for them, any youth born after 1975 «survived» abortion. Though using that expression, reserved to the people rescued from the concentration camps, the movement aims at placing on the same level the victims of abortion and the victims of the Shoah. Etc, etc."
Nota: actually, abortion is a fascist activity.
GRENOBLE before Christmas 1998 :
Le Figaro, December 22, 1998
Around 250 young people, according to the police, 400 according to the organizers defining themselves as «survivors to legalized abortion», protested without violence against abortion, yesterday, in front of a hospital of Grenoble. «our apolitical and non confessional trend, is gathering all the youth conscious to be survivors of a sacrificed generation missing a quarter of its members since 1975», tells a militant.

LYON and St ÉTIENNE at the end of June 1998:
Youth PRIDEs,
Le Progrès, June 27, 1998
Jules-Courmont Hospital: the abortion foes protest. About fifty young people according to the police, 200 according to the organizers, gathered yesterday morning in front of a hospital in Lyon to denounce abortion, of which they are "Survivors", they say. The demonstrators, who all affirm being born in 1975, date...

PARIS July 3, 1998: Youth PRIDE in Paris... LIBÉRATION July 15, 98
Hospital Rotschild, Paris, July 3, 1998
Hospital Rotschild, Paris, July 3, 1998

Hospital Rotschild, Paris, July 3, 1998

Hospital Rotschild, Paris, July 3, 1998

The article from "LIBÉRATION" of July 15, 98 :
Outwardly a great article, but it is slanderous one.
Thus, on this site, see: the annoying subjects (not those annoying us, but those annoying them).
There are our arguments, why they disturb them, and why their only remaining weapon is "demonization"...

On the front page of Libération, July 15, 1998


How those who hate us and who failed to kick us describe us:
(98-0188) Resumption of the anti-abortion actions in a new form
Groups of one hundred to a hundred and fifty young people, born subsequently to the Veil law of 1975, and being defined collectively as «survivors» of abortion, invaded three times centers of termination of pregnancy during last days, in Lyon and Paris. «The Survivors», who affirm to be without religious or political link, paralyzed the abortion centers, preventing the abortions.
[«The Survivors»are actually an emanation of The Truce of God, the first association which organized anti-abortion commandos in France, which provides to them P.O. box, secretariat and propaganda materials. This organization, which placed quotations of Mgr de Balaguer in front of its publications, had fallen asleep after the repeated condemnations of its president, Claire Fontana-Gobry. Obviously encouraged by the non-execution of the sentences of Dr. Xavier Dor, Truce of God again takes the offensive. A special effort of media presentation was accomplished: the adults providing logistics do not take part in the actions. Young solicited people are brigaded through a sectarain type personal dynamics, exploiting a feeling of isolation and the phantasm of a fratrie lost by abortion.]

Source: Réseau Voltaire, note #169, heading "Laïcité" [Secularity], July 10, 98

As usual, the Voltaire Network, pro-homosexual and pro-abortion, allied to the truly sectarian movement called "Planned Parenthood", is performing warping andamalgam, in a rather comic way. Their objective is manifest: to cause the repression of the Survivors who, they think, were wrong to survive, and whom they would now like to get rid of!

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